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Revit OpEd: Revit Funding

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    Revit OpEd: Revit Funding

    There's been a thread at the site lately discussing the manner in which they should fund the forum. Klaus started the forum originally in response to AUGI's own forum issues late last year. Over the last ninth months the group has grown to over 3,000 members and sees a goodly number of posts each day now. This morning I noticed the following at the main page of the site.

    It's a nice (and transparent) way to show how the donation process is going. Kind of like those telethons and their "thermometer". With donations Klaus won't have to bear the cost of hosting and software updates etc himself. Bandwidth is the big unknown and lately the group has been "burning" through theirs and increasing it regularly has been dipping into his wallet. Growing pains that every organization must endure...if it actually grows!

    Anyone who remembers the Revit Forums at will likely remember when that group was considering merging with AUGI that bandwidth was always a concern for Mr. Zoog too. It was a strong contributing factor to joining AUGI.

    You can help ensure that is always there for you and your co-workers by donating to the cause. As several members mention there, don't think of it as a donation...more an investment in something good and useful. If you can't afford something personally, maybe your company will recognize the value and do so on your behalf?

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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