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Missing Elements Error When I try to Audit Model

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    Missing Elements Error When I try to Audit Model

    I have a shared model, when I try to run an audit before opening the model its comes up with an error stating missing Elements. any ideas ?

    Which missing elements error? There's one that says there are too many missing to open and one that only identifies a couple missing. Does it tell you which element id's are missing? Do you get any errors opening it without auditing?

    We've experienced this a couple of times. Once it was an error in a linked consultants model, we had to unload it until they fixed the issue. The second time it wasn't an element in our model that was causing the model to corrupt, and was visible by audit long before it failed in normal open/syncs. That one we opened a ticket with Autodesk to locate and remove the corrupt element. You can also revert to an earlier backup, if you have one (you should always try to have regular ones!)
    Julie Kidder
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