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BIM interoperability question

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    BIM interoperability question

    Not sure about the title of this thread but here goes.

    I am looking for some software ideas to trial, if anyone knows of any, that link with Revit.

    What I want is to be able to use the objects from the revit model for specific purposes after construction that relate more to facility management than design.

    The idea is to model LOD/LOI 300-400 and handover to FM teams.

    The specific need in this case, is to see a specific element - say for the purpose of this question a fire alarm.

    When the fire alarm is activated, it would tell the FM operator the location, and element ID that is activated and obviously where that is located in the building. Obviously the element would be set with the manufacturers data etc in the model also, so the FM operator would see where in the model, and what it was that was activated - and other détails like installation date, last date of maintenance, maintenance manuals etc.

    Also, another example, is the apps that can be used on a smart phone to activate your heating, for example, from your phone.
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    Look for something like Archibus. Full suite of FM tools that ties into Revit

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      Look into FM:Systems which has some interoperability with Revit:
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