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annoying issue, image on top

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    annoying issue, image on top

    sometimes an image appears on top of all windows, and i can't hide it.

    i don't know what causes it, do you have any idea?

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    That is the final image of the revolve toolclip. Looks like the tooltip window is not closing down completely after it plays. That problem used to happen when running Revit on a 2nd monitor sometimes but have not seen it in some time. It also used to happen more when the toolclips used Flash as the player, which is also no longer the case. So I don't really know exactly what is causing the issue, but you can go into Revit Options and under user assistance set the tooltip assistance level to minimal or none. That will prevent the windows from opening in the first place so they can't get "stuck" like this.
    Jeff Hanson
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      When it gets stuck, you can go in to task manager and milk the Flash app. I forget the exact name but it says flash in it. Selecting it and hitting end task will make it go away without hurting revit.

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        Oddly enough, I've also seen things like this clear up if you go to View...User Interface and toggle the Recent Files screen.
        We have our Recent Files off, so I've turned it on, and then off again.
        Seems to clear up some of those Stuck dialogs. Why, I don't know.:crazy:
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