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Editing my Tag's shoulder line

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    Editing my Tag's shoulder line

    Hello guys,

    I am currently creating Tag Families for our company's Revit template. The goal is to make them look as close as possible (visually) to our standard in CAD.

    The issue I am having is with the shoulder line for my Mechanical Equipment Tags or Duct Tags etc. I was able to create a tag which connects the leader line with the shoulder line (the shoulder line is created inside the family).

    The problem starts when the text itself is longer. The line should approximately follow the length of the text. I was able to avoid the problem by creating a few lines with different lengths in the family and adding Graphic Yes/No parameters to them.

    The question is: Is there a smarter solution to this? Is it possible to somehow connect the line with a parameter to make it automatically longer as the text gets longer too?
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    Why not just use underlined text?
    You might need to adjust the text position so it lines up with the shoulder
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      To get the leader line to snap right on the shoulder line you need to put the shoulder line between two invisible lines (which are positioned outside the text border).If you use underlined text it's difficult to put it in the middle of these two lines because you can't snap on the text line.

      However, I just tried to do it again and it does look OK. The only problem now is when you need to use a text which has more than one row because the leader line will snap somewhere in the middle. I will probably create a separate family for those cases.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


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