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    Void Boxes

    Does anyone model void boxes under concrete grade beams and/or slabs? According to the BIM Forum LOD Specification, void boxes are considered level 350 (see image below). Therefore, technically, there's no obligation to model this under most standard contracts.

    On the other hand, it would seem like the benefits (time saved on detailing, and multi-disciplinary coordination) far outweigh the risks. Thoughts?

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    Tony Perez @Twitter
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    Salas O'Brien

    Yessir. Not a great image, but you can see a few of them there. They're everywhere, in this job/model.

    Some engineers that i work with (like this one) do it. Some wont. Frankly, i am getting more selective about the engineers ill work with, over modeling techniques and the quality and accuracy of the models.

    But, i can tell you: Its ALREADY been a coordination savior.
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