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Flip side of Light Switch / GPO Tail.

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    Flip side of Light Switch / GPO Tail.

    Hi, I'm new to the Forum so first hello everybody and thanks for your help. I am not a professional REVIT user or Architect, work for a Builder but currently designing my own home on REVIT. Been having great fun learning all about it but being a newbie have had some problems.

    So my question relates to the electrical plan i have prepared. I am just wondering if when you place a light switch for example, is there a way to flip the direction of the symbols tail / tick line? I find that occasionally they are different directions depending on the placement and also different symbols go different directions so when you have say a fan controller next to the switch they might clash as one has it going right and the other left. This has made some parts look confusing and messy so would like to be able to flip the direction of the symbols tail.

    Thanks for your help.


    Have not played with revit in a while but attached is what I ending up doing was the nested annotation symbol had a copy rotated 180° and each were tied to a visible parameter.

    Attached is switch family and once you place the switch it it is backwards then check the check the parameter "flip" and click apply and it should flip the switch and label.
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