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Text in linked file masking model

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    Text in linked file masking model

    I'm wondering why the text in the architects file that i have linked is covering up the piping that exists in my model.

    My visibility graphics are set to by linked view, but there is no option to adjust the transparency of room tag.

    This view discipline is plumbing.

    i can't seem to find a way to "send to back".

    see pictureSnipping Tool Print Job.pdf

    thank you!

    Text is always in the front regardless of which model it is in. A quirk of Revit. Open the arch model and edit the room tag family to a narrow font (transparent background too). Swiss721 LtCnBt works well. Save a copy of the family to load into future arch model updates.

    Other Option:
    Spaces and Space tags in your model.
    Manual text in your model.
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    John Karben | IMEG Corp.


      Thanks, i changed it to swiss and that helped.

      I'll put in a request to Autodesk to make it an option. Seems like most of the time you would want text to be underneath model, just set the height so the floor doesn't bury it.


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