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    Raising the Barre

    (Start things off with a pun)

    We've a new project on the books & I've spied a nice little design opportunity that also poses a nice classic (Revit) challenge. Classic as in I'm not reaching out for, or expecting, "a computational solution". That's been done by some chap in Grasshopper, for different purposes, already - but perhaps I'll be proved wrong.

    The opportunity? The Barre.

    Just the Barre?
    Click image for larger version

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    Well I've near-exactly the above as line-based casework already. So no... I'm thinking more the whole "system":

    Click image for larger version

Name:	barre_mirror_curtai.JPG
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    Mirror, skirting (possibly trunking also), dado, support arms, curtain rail, curtain...

    So, and remembering I'm a bit freak for cwps, am I masochistic, or God-forbid "wrong" in the eyes of all-things "good bim", thinking this is all well within the power of a railing? Perhaps. Or if I, and I should, want (nested shared family) elements on appropriate categories, perhaps an elaborate Line-based creation?

    Or should I just:
    1. place the mirrors each; any number of ways: finish walls, cwp, l-b, or f-b,
    2. place the barre itself seperately; perhaps as a rail, or l-b,
    3. place the curtain rail seperately; perhaps as a rail, with the curtain the start baluster? or l-b,
    4. place any trunkings seperately; l-b, (railings a no-no for subsequent hosting no?)
    5. place any skirting seperately; wall-sweep

    I'm all ears. This is all just a bit of fun.
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    Assuming 1 wall. Sure it could be one uber family. I'd probably break it down to the various pieces, generic families. My brain just hurts thinking of all the reference planes needed for one family... I'm a fan of the reference plane.
    Chris Heinaranta | Architectural Technologist


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