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Modelling a somewhat different type of structure

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    Modelling a somewhat different type of structure

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if this would be in the correct forum section but anyway, I'm quite new to Revit, I know some of the basic commands etc but basically I am wanting to model a shaft, and when I say shaft I mean as in not a "lift shaft" but more of a shaft in the ground. I'm not 100% sure on how I would go about doing this but anyway, here's a few bits which might help you assist me:

    A few bits about the shaft:
    • 3m Internal Diameter
    • Precast concrete rings 125mm Thick 2100 I.D.
    • Shaft has Jacking Collar 1200x1200mm.
    • Structural Slab 6m below surface of shaft 500mm thick
    • Base plug below structural slab.

    I haven't yet figured out the best way to model this. I think one of my hardest obstacles may be making a 3D model of say one of the precast rings or the jacking collar. But would love to know how you guys would go about doing something like this!



    With Revit you need to think about what your desired final outcome is (in terms of documentation) and then discover the best path to get you to where you'd want to go. The trick is to find to what degree you want the geometry to give you your details vs 2d detailing. Small projects can be full of complex geometry, really large projects not so much. In my experience it's always better to start by keeping it as simple as possible and only add complexity as needed. You also need to think about how likely the design is going to change. Editing something you made in blinding state of creativity months later can lead to serious frustration/ running in circles.
    So, a 6m deep shaft could simply be walls with a single floor or it could be a 125mm thick section arrayed up n amount of times over 6m. It could also be a number of other things but start by by keeping it simple, don't over complicate things if you don't need to.
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