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Course View Fitting Partially Disappearing

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    Course View Fitting Partially Disappearing

    Anyone that can help me, it would be greatly appreciated - I have an issue with the outer elbows of some of my fittings disappearing. it is not a cut plane issue, because - as you can see - the top elbow fitting is a complete arch The fitting at the bottom is a sloped 45 pipe to a vertical. I continue to have the issue that the outer edge of the fitting cuts off. if I click on the elbow, it shows up, but when I scroll off of it, it disappears. Please refer to the image below. It may be an issue with the fact it is a 45 degree fitting, but I still need it to shown up correctly in plan view. If you know how to fix this view issue, it would be so helpful! Thank you!
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    What happens when you print to PDF? Does it show differently? Sometimes MEP objects can seem to have problems visually but when you print it's actually just fine.

    Also, fittings tend to do weird things when they're slightly off kilter. For instance, sloped piping is common with Storm Drains and sometimes designers can forget to turn off slope when you change elevations to create a straight riser. This causes a subtle slope in the riser... where the fitting is like 89.9993° instead of a straight on 90° fitting, which causes the fitting not to be oriented to the view in a way where Revit can accurately display the fitting.

    And, sometimes, it's just the way it is. Single line piping fittings is always an uphill battle in Revit, unfortunately, but understandably due to the nature of a schematic version of 3D piping.

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