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Modifying Revit Detail Components and SAVING them

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    Modifying Revit Detail Components and SAVING them

    When our line weight styles were set up for revit, prior to me, the heaviest line weight is line weight 1. Unfortunately that's the standard hatch lineweight for the detail components like a steel beam or angle. I edited the family and changed the hatch to lineweight 11 and did a save as "company name - steel wide flange section" however when I load that family it does not give me all the beam options. Is there a way to do a save as for these modifications and keep all the beam sections available? My only other thought is to make our current LW 1 a new LW number and back track all the items that referenced LW 1 and change them accordingly... then change the LW1 to what I want the hatch pattern LW to be but that doesn't sound fun.....


    As far as I know changing lineweights in the family does not do anything in the project if the linestyle or hatch style is already in your project. The ones in the project overrule the ones you setup in your family. You need to edit the hatch in the project.
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