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Wall join for different views

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    Wall join for different views


    I´ve been strugling with wall join in different views. The problem is, I have a wall joining other two perpendicular walls that will be removed. Than, these two perpendicular walls should be extended (new construction). I need to have a view for each phase: Existent, Demolished, New.

    The problem is that in the Existent view, the wall to be removed joins perfectly with the ones that, later on, will be extended. In the Demolished View, the joins are ok also. But in the New view, the extended walls are represented with two new walls for that phase extending the existent ones. In that case, the joining for these walls donesn´t occur, leaving a line where should not be anything.

    I already try configure the Wall Join tool, but that won´t work because of the deleted wall x new walls.

    How could I get rid of these line breaks at the Final view?

    Existent View

    Demolished View

    New View (To be costructed)

    Final View (notice the wall join between existent and new walls)

    Thank you for your help.
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