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Having troubles with parameters in Custom Lighting Family

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    Having troubles with parameters in Custom Lighting Family

    Good evening.

    I'm triying to make a custom Lighting Ceiling based Family, all the geometry is very simple, and i restricted the entire geometry and light origin to a single parameter named "DROP HEIGHT" wich i can move manually without any problem. But when it's loaded in the model it keeps trowing me an ERROR that says "Restrictions not met" (Translated from Spanish may not be the actual name of the Error) every time i try to adjust the parameter

    Back in the family i tried to adjust the parameter by value and the problem keeps showing, i can only move it manually. With further investigation i realised the problem keeps happening on the LIGHT ORIGIN but i don't really know why.

    I hope someone can help me and thanks in advance

    The .rfa i attached is from Revit 2017
    Attached Files

    Looks like the dimension that reads 12.16 is attached to the Light Source's Reference, not the Reference Plane. Tab around until you can connect the dimension to the Reference Plane (Light Source Elevation).
    Chris Ellersick


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