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    Sticky Notes: Change

    I have heard some rumours about my role at Lendlease from internal as well as external well-wishers. Thank you for expressing your concerns about my role and future. This blog post is dedicated to you all well-wishers and of course my blog readers.

    Firstly, some of you have guessed it right! I have resigned from my role of Head of BIM, Europe at Lendlease, finishing by the end of March 2017.

    It's been a fantastic experience working at Lendlease getting involved with a lot of strategic initiatives as well as some of the most complex and quite challenging projects, i.e. Rathbone Square, Elephant & Castle, International Quarter London, Deptford, Wrexham prison, 150 Bishopsgate, 245 Hammersmith, Google HQ London to name the few. I was also privileged enough to get an opportunity to implement BIM and the required change programme from top-down as well as bottom-up and everything in between!

    My role at Lendlease posed some of the toughest challenges I ever had before. However, I was able to succeed in most of my initiatives mainly due to the following four reasons:

    1. First and foremost, having the best internal BIM team. A great team (and not a group of people) with the right attitude toward driving the necessary change with passion, resilience and full energy. A massive thanks to all of you BIM’ers! Keep up the good work!

    2. A wonderful internal ICT team and their continuous support in meeting the demands of the required change programme. Thank you all in the ICT team for your kind cooperation and continuous support.

    3. Having some of the best (local as well as global) professionals, project leaders and colleagues around me supporting the BIM implementation with great enthusiasm and passion. Special thanks to the Rathbone Square project team. What a great team!

    4. Fortunate enough to work for some of the best Clients and work with some of the best supply chain members who are truly driving the BIM agenda in the industry. In particular, Great Portland Estates and their continuous leadership and support on project such as Rathbone Square as well as industry wide BIM initiatives. My experience on Rathbone Square has reinforced my belief on the importance of Client leadership and positive collaboration required to implement BIM and Digital. I can’t thank Great Portland Estates enough for their support and leadership.

    Last but not least, I thank Lendlease for giving me such amazing opportunities during my time. I have gained invaluable experience and learned a lot from some of the best brains in the industry. I wish everyone at Lendlease and people I have worked with through Lendlease all the very best.

    So what’s my next home? Well, I am getting closer to my home so stay tuned! Have a great weekend.

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