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Enscape and Getting Tricky with RPC

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    Enscape and Getting Tricky with RPC

    Archvision just released a beta to create custom RPC out of existing 3D assets and I've been experimenting (insert mad scientist laugh here).

    So far it's working well in Revit and Enscape. The tricky part, if there is one, is creating the icon for the RPC without a great deal of tessellation, but that's besides the point here.

    I was thinking about how objects have different material options and how this might be managed. Instead of creating totally new RPC for each variation, I thought I might try creating one for each material choice and nesting them together in a family with family type parameters to switch them in an out.

    Works great in Revit. Not so much in Enscape. Seems you have to have each piece shared as well as nested. Boo. Maybe the guys at Enscape can do something about this... hint-hint.

    I also had some weird rendering artifcats but now I'm thinking it was a result of the creation process (I tried to cut some corners).
    Greg McDowell Jr

    Just to close the loop on this; turns out sharing them isn't so bad since the shared models are Entourage and I rarely look in that category. I was concerned that it would clutter up the primary family category (Furniture in this case).

    Also, you don't need to share the last family added. So, if you're doing a chair with different upholstery options, load the upholstery first as shared families and then the base of the chair as a non-shared family. Then it's just a matter of naming conventions to be able to select the correct option for the chair.

    Interesting in concept but it takes some time and I don't yet see a way of automating any of this. Perhaps a Macro in Max can help...
    Greg McDowell Jr