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Slope beams and slabs with dif. Thickness (suspended car parks)

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    Slope beams and slabs with dif. Thickness (suspended car parks)

    When modelling a car park slabs we generally trying to model the falls correctly. It is sometimes a very tedious task to move the sub elements of each slab to match the fall lines etc.
    For example in the attached, very simplified, slab example there are still a lot of intersections between slab/ beams and slabs edges that has to be adjusted.
    It is not so much on an issue when you deal with only one slab thickness – the problem is when you have several more slabs with different slab thicknesses.
    The slab thickness will be constant ie the soffit falls with the surface.

    How do you go about adjusting slab slopes?
    I know you can “align” slabs with a topo with Dynamo. This means though you have to create a topography for each level to host the slabs.

    Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Marcello Sgambelluri once presented at Autodesk University several methods for modelling roads in Revit, and I recall one of them using Beam structural supports, and then the slabs will rest on top of it, but for this, you will need to model the structural slabs at the correct position. Yes, the class mostly uses a toposurface, but in this case you will not need one. Just follow the logic of using the structural slab for it.

    Make Hardscape Follow Site Topography and Site Topography Follow Hardscape in Revit

    Hope this helps.


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