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Revit 2017 Structural Connection Tool Issues

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    Revit 2017 Structural Connection Tool Issues

    Hello World,

    I am have an minor issue occurring with steel connections and coping. I have (3) wide flange beams that have two different connections occurring. WF beam #1 has WF Beam #2 connecting to it mid span. WF Beam #1 connects to WF Beam #3 at the ends of the beams. The connection for WF beam #1 to WF beam #3 is a direct weld with WF #1 coped into WF #3. The connection for WF Beam #2 to WF Beam #1 is using a shear plate connection that I used the structural connections tool to create. When I place the structural connection for WF#2 to WF #1 the coping at the end of WF#1 from WF3# disappears. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to correct it? I tried removing the cope, unjoining the two beams and then reapplying the cope only to have it to show for a brief second then the cope disappears. I've also tried adjusting the coping distance and the join cutback distance with no luck. I've attached some pictures of the incident. According to the link below the structural connections take priority over applied copes and cuts which makes complete sense at the location of the structural connection, since the tool will automatically make any cuts and cops required for the connection. It doesn't make sense that its removing them when they don't actually occur near each other. Is this due to program coding not being able to differentiate between coping location and structural connection?


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