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How to create decent ductwork offset?

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    How to create decent ductwork offset?

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new user of Revit 2016, therefore experience some problems with ductwork routing, which may appear simple for you I've got two perpendicular ducts, intersecting on the same level, so I need to create a decent offset. The situation is set out on the screenshot from Revit. Having connected ducts on various levels, Revit created quite bizzare fitting, which obviously isn't acceptable. I need a fitting as shown on the picture. Can anyone give me a tip how to cope with that? Please, take a look on the attachments
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    Revit has offset fittings, they're usually not loaded into any default templates. Go to where your Families are installed and under Duct you will find them. Default locations are usually:

    C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2017\Libraries\US Imperial\Duct\Fittings\Rectangular\Offsets

    Similarly you can use Transitions that can have the height/width adjusted for eccentric fittings, just keep the sizes the same and it'll mimic an offset rather than a transition. I use these a lot just because it's easy.

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