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System documentation and team communication

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    System documentation and team communication

    As we develop our Revit system it gets more complex but hopefully smarter and more streamlined. Not only do I document it for my own records, but I need to communicate it to the team, giving them the pertinent bits of information at the time they need it, but without the detail they are not interested in.

    We have folders and spreadsheets and checklists and Word docs. (So many.)
    We have a 200+ page text only Manual. (Rarely read but full of great information.)
    We run regular training sessions and send out email Revit tips. (But not everyone can come all the time.)
    We have a sheet showing our basic rules and file locations (the Primiary BIM Reference Card).

    We have a sheet showing project specific information (the Project BIM Reference Card).

    We have an overall chart showing all the jigsaw pieces (the Revit and Environment Map, mainly for my information.)

    We have what we call our Showcase where we display example elements together with relevant instructions/tips.

    We have a single template which has a bunch of pre-populated views together with sample elements.

    I have not yet ventured down the road of Wiki's, add-in tool tips and videos.

    What method do you find it best to record details for yourself? Eg, do you write down somewhere that: this view has that view template; it has this filter; that filter catches elements that have this Instance or Type parameter set to this value; and it does that to their display.

    What team communication methods do you find best?

    Are there other threads here on this subject?

    Thanks in advance.
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