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    DWG Export Hatch Layer

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening however this finds you.

    I am struggling a little and wondered if anyone could help me.

    I am revising the dwg Export Layer/Colour system I set up a few years ago, and I am unable to give a structural column a different layer for a Cut hatch.

    I have searched and found a few posts on other forums for a similar issue from around 2014 but nothing really updated.

    I am using Revit 2016 (Not Revit Structure 2016) as they dropped the other sub-Revits (if you will) to form a single program in 2017 (I believe)

    I have tried added a modifier to look for the Material for model behavior and this seems not to work as the element is still being exported as a block. I have gone into the family and ticked the box Always Export as Geometry, this does not seem to help or work.

    I am sure there must be a fix for this, very basically I would like (and I don't think its too much to ask)

    Structural Column Layers
    1 - Outline x2 Cut and Projection
    2 - Cut Hatch

    In am sure I am missing something pretty basic here but to be honest its a Friday, and I am losing my patience with it.... IN NEED OF BEER and if possible a solution!

    Thanks in advance

    Hi James,

    As far as I understand your problems is you want to use specific hatching from dwg to show as the cut for you column family loaded in revit.

    1. Firstly you need to edit family and create new pattern.
    2. On creating new pattern, you need to import .pat file the same as you use on you autocad hatch.
    You need to choose under drafting rather than model as it will not appear on setting a cut pattern on modifying material settings.
    3. Once the new pattern is imported then you will change the material cut pattern and select your imported pattern.
    4. Apply the material as default to your column families and load back to your project.
    5. Check the view range of you plan and ensure the cutting plane will cut your loaded column family.

    Take note:

    Imported hatch into family/revit file will consider as a pattern but under model and not drafting which you cant use for representing cut patterns.
    Model patterns can use only on surface pattern on material settings.

    Hope you get this if im not mistaken or misunderstood your problem.

    Best regards,

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      Thank you Kiboypalaboy

      I will investigate further, I am not 100% sure it will solve my issue to be honest.

      The link above is so far the best solution I can find but does not seem to work for me.

      What I am trying to do is have my structural column exported exactly as shown on revit.
      Typical example would be

      Circular Concrete Column (shown on plan cut)
      Outline on layer - TMP_Column-SEC
      Hatch - TMP_Column-Hatch

      I don't actually care if they are exported as blocks or not but I am under the impression that you cant modify blocked elements layers.

      Thanks for your time!


        You can change your export settings to use different Layers for revit view overrides, meaning VG Filters come out on different layers. I do it all the time (did it yesterday). If your filter is changing the cut pattern of the columns, It will work.
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