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Beams and wall materials

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    Beams and wall materials

    Hey, i ve got a big problem with my Beams.
    FOr example in the first 2 jpegs i set a strutural column in a wall and choosed join.
    It worked the wall was cut were the structural column is.

    The problem is with the structural concrete Beams. I cant really join them.. Actually the join tool cant be applied on the Beams.
    In the third jpeg i set the Beam in a wall and wanted to join the wall and the beam like i did with the column.. but i cant!! any ideas? or what did i do wrong?

    The last 2 jpegs are from structural sections... still there i cant join structural floor with the structural beam!

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      You can put a void in the beam family, the exact same size as the solid (that doesnt cut the beams solid). Then you can set that family to *Cut with voids when loaded in project.* Then instead of JOIN, you use CUT GEOMETRY, and it will cut a hole out of the wall.
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        Thanks! So Beams dont work as the columns... the JOIN funktion doesnt work on them if i get it right!
        Weird! I ve puu the void but now..

        So withouthe the join i wond be able to make the beam and floor one!
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          FOund the reason,...

          IN the visibility of the Beam family Detail level coarse was not checked!