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Rotating multiple views using Dynamo

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    Rotating multiple views using Dynamo

    Hi Everyone,
    First time poster here!

    I'm pretty new at using dynamo, i've made a few scripts but nothing overly complicated. The script below has been made by doing a bit of research and manipulating previously created scripts.

    I have made a dynamo script which creates bounding boxes around Revit geometry, which then creates multiple sections views at each bounding box. The issue is the section is facing the wrong way, so I'm in the middle of another script to try and flip the section, but it seems to be flipping about the wrong origin. I have read here that sections have their own coordinate system but i haven't managed to get it to work. Below is the script and the section facing the wrong way:

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Managed to fix it using Dieter's tutorial through this linkand Dimitar's suggestions from this link. Used Vector.Rotate to get the correct orientation.


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