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    RevDev Studios - RevEx and RevXL - Spreadsheet plugins for Revit

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    RevEx is a must have utility in the ever expanding BIM industry. The built-in scheduling and spreadsheet tools in Autodesk® Revit® do not provide adequate ability to convert, manipulate, and handle data for a vast amount of data stored in each model. RevEx provides you with the means to handle your data, using the spreadsheet tools you are comfortable with, in a profoundly more efficient manner than has ever been possible.

    RevEx allows you to export element information from your existing Revit project, modify that data in either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and then push that information back into your model in one click. RevEx keeps all your information in one place and stores links on a per project basis, so you never have to go looking for your data again. You can even open your spreadsheet links directly from the main application form given all information is stored locally on your machine.

    There are several options in place that provide you with the means of pinpointing the information you want to extract. Choose between the following to start:
    • Element category
    • Element phase
    • Include linked elements
    • Include type parameters
    • Element types only

    Any element parameter that isn't "Read only" can be modified when using this product. This includes:
    • Type parameters
    • Element Id parameters
    • Text parameters
    • Integer/double parameters
    • Yes/No parameters
    • And much more...

    Furthermore, RevEx is the first and only spreadsheet utility to include support for Google Sheets. The cloud-based storage of Google Sheets provides the same features of typical spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel and extends those features to be available to you anywhere in the world. This is something that cannot be undervalued in a world of constant connectivity. You can share your project links with coworkers across the globe and give them the ability to make meaningful changes to projects without even having access to Revit. Moreover, this establishes a transparent base point for project data that can be inspected, reviewed, and modified all in one place, yet everywhere in the world.

    In addition to the features discussed, RevEx also allows you to create new placeholder elements for objects such as Sheets, Spaces, and Rooms. This feature allows you to automate the process of creating model elements and allows you to delegate the creation of certain objects without even touching Revit. This is perfect for anyone who is new to the industry or anyone who doesn't know how to use Revit yet.

    RevEx also allows you to create links, export existing project schedules, and update/import new information from Microsoft Excel. RevEx allows you to extend the capabilities of your existing workflow and integrate new processes instantaneously. We understand that Revit users have put a lot of time and effort into making efficient models and we ensure that RevEx will integrate seamlessly into any project.


    RevXL is a spreadsheet data link utility that allows users to import their existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Revit while preserving formatting, fonts, and data.

    Given how integral spreadsheets are to the BIM and AEC industry, the ability to connect the functions of Microsoft Excel and Autodesk® Revit® is an absolute necessity. The built-in scheduling functions native to Revit lack a lot of the functions that users transitioning from AutoCAD would expect. Data Links in AutoCAD were an absolute necessity in every project, regardless of scale. RevXL brings back the functionality of Data Links to Revit with an intuitive interface and efficient design.

    Revit makes it very challenging to represent table data when elements don't necessarily exist in the project model. RevXL allows you to create links between existing spreadsheets and your Revit projects and update them anytime you want. Links are saved regardless of whether or not the project is active so that every time you close and reopen the model, your links are right where you left them. More so, all links are created as Revit schedules which allow you drag and drop the Excel data link on to any sheet you want. Subsequent updates to the data link will update the information on any sheet that has an instance of the schedule - typical of Revit's usual functionality.

    To use RevXL:

    • Create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel with any formatting, borders, font, style, and data you desire
    • Launch RevXL for the "RevDev Studios" tab under the "Excel Link" panel
    • Once the add-in has launched, click "Create Link" and navigate to the file you wish to link
    • Select the worksheet you are interested in linking and then click "Import"

    Your link will process and generate the Revit schedule with all the formatting and information that was held in the Excel spreadsheet. RevXL will easily save you days’ worth of time by streamlining the process of importing your important spreadsheet information to your projects. RevXL eliminates any time-consuming work arounds required to show your spreadsheet information in the format you desire. Furthermore, once a link is created it will exists for the lifetime of your project. Any changes that you make to your Excel spreadsheets can easily be updated in Revit in a matter of seconds.


    As Revit is getting more and more popular, there is a growing reliance upon addins to fill the gaps that the software leaves open. Spreadsheets have always been one of the focal points of frustration for many Revit users. The lack of integration between Revit and Microsoft Excel, alongside the inefficient and unintuitive scheduling mechanism default to Revit, is one of the most painful parts of the BIM experience. Furthermore, certain features that we know and love from AutoCAD have disappeared from Revit such as the data link spreadsheet utility. RevEx and RevXL fill these voids in Revit's core function and give the user the ability to take control of their model in ways they were never able to before.

    Developer Note

    Over the course of the past 10 months I have poured a significant portion of my time into creating tools that I feel could be a great asset to any Revit users's toolkit. I'm very excited to release my first two products to the public and I'm certain that these tools are going to help out a lot of people. I recognize that there are a few products out there that perform similar tasks but most of them are prohibitively expensive. My goal is to offer affordable solutions that really enhance the way everyone uses Revit. I want as many people as possible to benefit from using my products. That said, if you are a student or a sole-proprietor who uses Revit and cannot afford the cost of the full version of these products, please contact me at [email protected] and I will absolutely help you out. All of my products come with a free 14 day trial.

    RevDev Studios | Products

    RevEx and RevXL work in all versions of Revit 2015+. Both products are continually being developed as the need arises. Given how new they are, you may find a unique error that hasn't appeared yet. If this is the case please send an email for [email protected] and we will get it resolved as quickly as possible. Purchases of RevEx and RevXL are valid for 1 year and includes any updates that are released after initial download.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback on these products.

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