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Dimensions Lose their Link Reference

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    Dimensions Lose their Link Reference

    This is a True Revit Limitation that I have yet found a solution for.
    We have multiple teams/Specialties across multiple continents, and we need to exchange file editing rights twice a week, as in: a project is made divided into two parts, A and B, Architects are in Dubai and Energy Analysts in Germany, so there has to be a method of enabling everyone to work on the project and put their expertise.

    Now the fun part, We, the Architects do dimensions in model A and reference to Model B, when the files are swapped with the otherOffice halfway through the week then the links miss their location (even though they are set to relative) so the links wouldn't be loaded, at that point, Revit can't find the links being dimensioned to and just hides the dimensions.
    Now when we do a reload from, Revit gives the vague option saying: Hey I can't find the reference for these elements so I am gonna just delete them... Okay? so we either have to say okay or cancel the thing as if nothing happened, but we need to carry on the work so we have to choose delete dimensions.

    this is a very frustrating issue and I have tried everything to fix it, but nothing works.
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    Ha! Welcome to my world. As an MEP engineer I always have to work with linked architecture that changes constantly...

    A few things you could try;
    1) Use Revit Server. No more problems with new files and lost links etc.

    2) Look at how you are replacing the new files. It should be possible to overwrite linked files without losing the link reference. If you are sending complete sets of linked files try using the 'e-transmit' add-in. It can make copies of projects to one folder with correct relative links.

    3) You could try putting your linked models in a workset and choose not to open this workset when you open the project (Open-> Specify). Then you may be able to fix the path locations before revit updates all the references. (I have fixed issues with rooms in this way before, i dont know if it will work with annotations).

    4)Only dimension to local elements? (What we do in MEP projects) You might want to have your own copy-monitored grids and add lines to dimension to walls etc.
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      It's been a long time since a suggested using a Revit server in the company, but IT says it costs about a 100,000$ to get installed, I can only wonder if this is true.

      I've been trying with the third solution, replacing files with the newly received ones and then opening them with link worksets closed, which seemed like a proper logic to me, but doesn't seem like a proper logic for Revit, everytime Revit opens it has to delete some Dimensions, it keeps most of them and deletes some for no obvious reason.
      maybe this solution is working, but for now not totally because there are some elements in the linked models being deleted and made again

      but thanks for the tips


        Originally posted by Amer Rashid View Post
        ...because there are some elements in the linked models being deleted and made again

        but thanks for the tips
        This is exactly why your dimensions are losing their references in the first place. Can your team try modifying or moving existing elements instead of deleting and replacing them?

        also have you looked into C4R? I don't use it but there are users here who could help you.
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          I've heard a lot about C4R and how good it is, but the thing about it is: it's another Cloud Storage solution but on steroids.

          if someone can correct me if I am wrong on this, Synchronizing across a LAN is fast, but when it comes to Cloud there would be more latency and therefore there are more shortcomings to it.

          unless C4R uses some unique feature of Fetching and Syncing only what has been changed in data and geometry, THEN, it wouldn't be the way I described it. and would be worth every single dime when I present it to the big guys above me.


            Well... your costs and theories aren't accurate on account of either revit server or c4r.

            RS shouldn't cost anywhere nest 100k to implement, unless you have to go buy a bunch of new hardware. Last time I implemented RS all I needed to buy was some windows licenses.

            C4r isn't just a cloud storage device, although it makes use of cloud storage. Syncing on it is decently fast. Working too.

            Having said that, I'd be addressing the issue of dimensioning to linked items, and not worrying about IT stuff. It's not the file storage methods deleting your dimensions, it's the references going away.
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