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    blockwork wall

    Hello.. I am new to revit... I have a question.. is it possible to make a wall made of clay blocks (for example Porotherm blocks of a certain dimmensions).. alogn with vertical concrete beam (I don't know the right english term for this but that is why I am attaching a picture..hope this can be made in revit, it is such a standard thing in construction
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    I don't see a vertical beam in your image. I see a column placed at the corner return of your block wall. Is that what you're talking about? Is your question how to incorporate this column into the wall type. Is so, not with a basic wall type. With a curtain wall type you could. But, I wouldn't. I'm assuming that these are structural columns and so I would model them as such. Separately.

    p.s. any right angles in this building? I don't see any in this image.
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