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Cant draw windows or doors+ cant see the columns in the levels

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    Cant draw windows or doors+ cant see the columns in the levels

    hey guys,

    I just installed structure rivit 2016, i have been using architecture rivit 2015 for a while. the problem i have now ia that whenever i draw columns i cant see in the levels, i can only see them 3D.
    the second issue is that, i cant draw any windows or doors.
    i think it is something related to the settings. plz advice

    Hi Dalia, welcome to the forum.

    I didn't even know one could still buy a "Revit Structure" on its own.
    In regards to the columns not showing up could be due to a few things, AFAIR, structural columns for some reason usually use the current level as the top constraint and goes to the level below, if you haven't changed it, so that might be the reason. Alternatively it could be the view "discipline" is set to architecture and thus not show structural columns.

    About the doors and windows, I'm guessing it's due to the fact that they are unavailable in the structure edition, as they have been featured under the architecture tab since I started using Revit in 2012.


      I cut a section view and then I can see it (usually) - then just change the top constraint (It sets top at 0'0" and bottom at -9' 0"). Not quite sure what the theory behind it was unless it was to provide structural elements supporting the floor at 0...