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    Rebar Detailing

    Hi All,

    I have been doing some rebar detailing over the past few weeks in revit 2016, so I am still very much amateur. I Find it very user friendly etc, but there are a number of limitations. I am battling with a few things which I am hoping somebody else has already solved?

    1. Is there any way of locking/freezing rebar that has already been scheduled and issued? I am concerned when going back to revise drawings and schedules, and it would be great if the rebar can be locked before editing to eliminate the possibility of erroneously changing something

    2. I need to detail "pull-out bars" (thats what we call it in South Africa) which are cast into RC walls and later exposed to connect to slab. Has anybody done this on revit? Would appreciate some guidance on creating geometry etc.

    Thanks in Advance