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B&G Pump issue

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  • Necro99
    Sounds like maybe the family is the hosted type, meaning you need to select a face or work plane to host it to.

    IMO, you're going to run into annoying problems like this when you try to use families that come from manufacturers. Families are like spreadsheets, the best ones are home-grown and built from the ground up to work the way YOU want them to.

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  • mhoard
    started a topic B&G Pump issue

    B&G Pump issue

    I am having a very odd issue with some B&G base mounted pumps. When I go to insert the pumps I cannot control what level it goes on or the offset height, they are grayed out. The only way that they will insert is on the edge of the floor, so they are perpendicular to the way they should sit and also where the walls run. Wondering if anyone has had this issue and knows of a way to fix it.


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