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King Fahad National Library - Cloth Adaptive Component

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    King Fahad National Library - Cloth Adaptive Component

    Hi guys,

    Basically I am trying to achieve this result from King Fahad National Library

    I had success modelling it statically as you can see on the attached image.
    However, I also want to do it parametrically (able to scale on a mass-pattern).

    I am struggling to constrain the spline onto the reference points.
    When I change the pattern size, the splines don't resize and if I lock it onto the reference-point planes it give me an error while resizing.
    Any idea about what am I doing wrong here?

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    Wow that's pretty awesome. The first thing I noticed is in your 3rd image, left side, the upper lines are model lines (black) not reference lines (green). Model lines won't push changes into geometry the way reference lines do, so maybe start there?
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      Try this:

      buildz: Conceptual Modeling Tips with Joe K
      Kamran Mirza
      Chartered Architect RIBA, ARB, PCATP