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Water Pipes + manhole

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    Water Pipes + manhole


    I am designer in architectural and structural part of Revit. Unfortunately, I don't know completely nothing for MEP *yet* .

    I have a building and I need to put some rain water pipes that will connect with a manhole. I have seen some videos in youtube but I face some difficulties. One of them is that I cant create a pipe with angle. When I end the 'first' pipe and start the new one I cant create it.

    Could please someone give me some instruction or propose to me a good tutorial? I just want to create something simple for now...

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi Maria, you mean something like this?

    MEP can be difficult because it needs to be set up correctly before you start modelling stuff. Sounds to me like you dont have fittings set correctly (Bends Ts etc..) If you select the pipe and do Edit Type there is the option Routing Preference. Set some pipe fittings here and your second pipe should work.
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      HI Josephpeel

      thank you very much for your answer! Ok, I just put a value in the Elbow, and I created it.

      I have 2 pipes (one of these have the angle) that go in the same manhole! Is there something that I need to know for the connection pipe-manhole?

      Can you tell me the most common way to create a manhole (I have a rectangle one with a circle hole in the center), I want something simple and in Youtube I found 'difficult' instruction for me.


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