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Modifying multiple view templates

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    Modifying multiple view templates

    Hello. So that is the question I am trying to hide room lines that are shown in all my view templates. I want to know if there is any way to hide them in all the view templates at the same time.

    Natively in Revit, nope. Maybe dynamo could.
    Because room lines are in model tab of VG you could uncheck model elements in all your VT's then make a new VT that only effects lines> room lines, then select all desired views and apply template properties. Long winded way of doing it. Depending on how many VT's you have might just be aeasier to bite the bullet and modify each one.
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      View Filter Manager makes it super easy to change as many view templates as you need in one pass: It is a paid addin but like many of them it will pay for itself pretty quickly.
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