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Yes / No parameter and Family Type parameters

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    Yes / No parameter and Family Type parameters

    Hi, I'm having problem with syntax in the formulas probably

    I'm trying to give a client 2 instance parameters, Option 1 and Option 2

    Those options should be linked to the constrain parameter 'Options <Family Type...>', so when user chooses 'Option 1', one family shows up, if 'Option 2' - another one.

    Because family types belong to one 'Options <family type...>' mother-family, Value column of that parameter shows them as "Item: A" or "Item: B".

    But when I try to type the formula, for example for 'Option 1": "Options = Item: A", I'm getting following error

    "The following is not a valid family parameter: Item: A

    Note that parameter names are case sensitive"

    Any ideas how to fix that? I assume it all comes down to syntax, on how should I write "Item: A" in the formula, but I have no idea how, and couldn't find the solution online.

    Thank you

    PS. I assume that the colon can be a problem, but when I tried to replace "Item: A" with simply "A", I'm getting similar error.

    Hi - you need to create an extra couple of family type parameters. Assign one of these to A and one to B. Then use a formula in your family type parameter that is actually controlling geometry to reference the yes/no parameters. Here the "B" yes/no parameter is redundant but the user can at least see what is being done. Hide the family type parameters down the bottom so the user doesn't go and directly change them.

    Click image for larger version

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    Canberra, Australia


      Brilliant, thanks a lot!


        You'll find more formula gold here!


          Originally posted by chompi0n View Post
          You'll find more formula gold here!
          Thanks, but that's the bible I used numerous times. The problem was with "wrapping" the parameters so that formulas can be run, fortunately Exar had a solution that worked perfectly


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