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v2017 Revit.ini issue

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    v2017 Revit.ini issue

    Our v2017 Revit.ini files are exhibiting odd behaviour. I don't know if this has just happened or whether it has been doing it for a while - because we rarely need to interact with our ini files.

    Two things are happening:
    * Our file histories are progressively being trashed. (The number of files listed is reducing over successive sessions.)
    * If we use the Options dialog to edit paths eg. "Default path for user files" or "Places" the changes are good for the current session only. When we restart Revit these paths have either been returned to the previous setting or set to something completely different.

    One user is getting a dialog box saying saying we should confirm that the file is not ReadOnly. They are not.

    This is happening to multiple users in v2017. This problem is not presenting when tested on the same machines in v2015.

    Have you seen this before? What could be causing this please?

    Thanking you in advance.


    There are two Revit.ini files, a user Revit.ini, in the User App Data path, and there is a Revit.ini in the UserDataCache folder in ProgramData. When you edit the options you are editing the user copy, but some things (like paps) are enforced from the UDC version (if both have the same Install GUID). The trashed histories is not something I have seen before, and in theory the UDC version shouldn't not have any info in the recent files history, so if anything a UDC overwrite should be deleting all the recent files. But perhaps the UDC copy has something there?

    Pragmatic Praxis


      Thank you for your reply, Gordon.

      I am aware of the two Revit.ini files and update the local UDC version with our office standard during installation.

      I don't know what "paps" are, nor have I ever understood the function or necessity of the InstallGUID parameter. It currently is in our UDC version and consequently in all our AppData files. Should it be there?

      There are no File History lines in our UDC Revit.ini.

      I am trying to establish a pattern as to when this issue happens and what I think is happening is that:
      * When I make a change to the Options > File Locations > Places listing my file history is diminished or deleted (on the next startup).
      * If I set a new library location on the network then the path is respected on the next session.
      * But if I set a new library location on my local C drive, then it is changed to a network location the next time I come in.
      * I can't see any evidence that the UDC file is being copied down - but I might be wrong.


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