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Print to pdf via remote desktop makes funky text

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    Print to pdf via remote desktop makes funky text

    As per the title, printing to pdf via remote desktop makes the text objects condense into a mangled mess. This happens with both the adobe pdf printer and the bluebeam plugin (i don't know if it uses a different driver?). Has anybody experienced this and know of a solution?

    The font is just run-of-the-mill Arial, but it appears to happen with every font.
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    in the RDP client (mstsc.exe) uncheck the printers box in the Local Resources tab.
    This should force the client to use the driver on the remote computer, instead of using the global print driver.

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      Nope, that was already all set up. I even checked the box for fun but realized I don't have the adobe pdf printer installed on my non-remote computer. Tried previous Revit versions again, but it's only 2017 that has the issue. Thanks though...


        It sounds like your issue may be similar to this?:
        REVIT 2017 Text over RDP - Autodesk Community


          That appears to have worked. Thanks!


            Someone in that thread credited Jamie for that answer, but he was just replying to Alan Quinn's post (sorry, bud)

            Here's the actual fix:
            I understand your text is not appearing as expected via remote desktop sessions in Revit. I contacted our development team on this and they pointed me to the below link. It appears that this may be caused by the Remote Desktop host software and Microsoft has issued a Hotfix. Please see Microsoft Knowledge Base for a solution; KB2768741.

            Visual elements are displayed incorrectly when you connect to a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 by using the Remote Desktop Protocol

            It worked for me, but the weird thing is that that hotfix is from 2012?
            Something else must have triggered the bug for it to just show up now.
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              Yes, this is very helpful. The Microsoft hotfix worked for us!


                What's weird to me is that it's a problem with a difference in aspect ratios (at least that's what I read into it) but another person was using the same kind of machine/ monitor he uses at work and still had the problem.

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