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hide edges in "FLAT" adaptive panel?

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    hide edges in "FLAT" adaptive panel?

    so a follow up to this thread:

    which i never fully resolved, and basically dealing with a 2" offset on the top and bottom instead to make up for it, seems kind of silly, but it is what it is..

    new issue,
    working on a triangle panel that has a punch out, was going to do it with just a swept profile, but i keep getting the edge to show up as seen here:

    Triangle Flat Hide Edge.PNG

    i TOTALLY understand that those edges would show up in a bent panel, but why are they showing in a "flat" one?!?

    guessing i'll have to deal with a void, but was sure that just sweeping the profile would have been easier.
    hoping someone might have some insight/opinion/trick for this?

    thanks all

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