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Navisworks Animation Jittering

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    Navisworks Animation Jittering

    Can anyone take a look at this video and tell me what setting needs adjusting within Navisworks to make this video flow smoothly.

    As you will see it is very jittery as it moves around the building. It's my first attempt of an animation but i'd love to get better at it.



    Revit MEP - 1 Day at a time...

    You (clearly) need to up your frame rate - which can be got at when you export...

    Click image for larger version

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    But that will speed up the video - and you might like the length already, so maybe consider if post-Production could help as well, for instance VirtualDub, with some basic learning, can add double-frames, (dithered or not depending on how sharp you need each frame).


      Great timing for this topic as I was just going to post a similar set of questions, so here goes mine:

      I'm not sure if my problems come from the massive amount of detailed geometry or if my machine just can't handle it, but I get a choppy result when walking through. One of the major issues I'm looking to solve are objects in the near distance only appear as I walk closer to them.

      With large Navis projects, is there a more preferred method of exporting the design and bringing into another program that might be better suited to produce animations?


        I'm try to think outside the box to produce a walk-through with better graphics quality than I'm getting with attempts from my Navis model. Is there a recipe for exporting to get a Navis file to another format that can be used with a program better suited for creating animations?


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