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Overlaping views printing error

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    Overlaping views printing error

    Hello. I am currently using the overlaping views in sheet method in order to control the visiblity better. So I just put a ceiling view with only the ceiling above the plan view giving transparency to the ceilings. This works in revit well:

    The problem comes when I print to pdf that the transparency of the ceiling is lost.

    It must be a printing error but if I try to print directly to plotter same error happens.
    Anyone knows what is happening?
    Thank you.
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    Does it print if you check "replace halftones with thin lines" under printer setup?

    Does your print preview show underlay?
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      Thank you, that was the problem.
      I don't even know what this option is used for but I got it disabled.


        I am running into the same problem again I have already checked the "replace halftones with thin lines" but it's don't working now.
        The preview printing neither shows the transparency.

        Why can this be?


          What settings do you have on the Advanced properties tab, and in the Print Processor window? Do they match what you have on the PC that works? If you are facing Issue again, feel free to call, any time.
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