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REVIT Standards - Importing Autocad layers & linetypes

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    REVIT Standards - Importing Autocad layers & linetypes


    I am creating standards for a small office and would like to mirror the Layers / Linetypes / Line weights that's being used in the autocad template file into Revit.

    Do I need to create each independently since acad linetypes behave differently than revit. Where revit is annotative?

    Thanks in advance... :banghead:

    Here is the ten second cliffs notes version, of what youll find if you go digging around:

    1. Revit doesnt have layers (for good reason). If you try to make it act like layers, youre going to ened up working really hard, and its going to perform a lot worse than it would if you learned how Revit treats visibility and lineweight functionality.

    2. LineTypes and Lineweights work differently than they do in AutoCAD as well. Do some research about OBJECT STYLES. Then get in to Line types and line weights. When you finally get to the lineweights, youll have to look at the scaling table, since it doesnt work like Pen settings.

    3. All of the linetypes and text pieces (most of them) are fully annotative in Revit. You dont want to try to buck that system. Its awesome. Just forget you ever had a DIM-96.
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