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Door family with a jamb issue

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    Door family with a jamb issue

    Hi all,

    I have this door family doing funny things when its cuts the wall, see attached pictures. I have tried aligning and locking the door leaf and jambs to the opening but no luck, any suggestions?

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    It looks like there are a number of possible issues, and likely several causing the problem. If i was seeing this on a door family in my model I would:
    1. Check to see what(if any) elements are the expected width - this can help focus the search
    2. If the opening cut isn't the right size I'd start with that because there is only one element (unless you are using voids) that I'd need to look at to fix that. If its boundaries aren't locked to reference planes defining the opening size I'd fix that first and reload. Assuming that there are still issues I would proceed to step 2:
    3. Break the family, in the family editor. Input the same values you are using in your project in the family editor. Doing so there will give you more specific information about why its breaking. If, after putting those values in it reports that constraints don't work let it remove the constraints (this typically reveals what is happening in the project). If multiple things broke pick the highest priority one, and troubleshoot that first. Depending on what broke:
      • Re-constrain items to reference planes. Constraining to other elements is often results in families breaking when flexed.
      • Review formulas
      • Reassign parameters, making sure they are constrained to the right element

    4. Reflex to a different value. If things break, repeat step 3 until they don't.
    5. Reload and review
    6. Repeat as required

    I don't know how you built your model/whether the items you are seeing are drafted or modeled elements, and whether or not they are nested. Based on your elevations it appears that your hardware is staying centered within the frame. It looks like you might be dealing with a combination of:
    • An incorrect opening size
    • Incorrectly sized door panels (they don't look to be equal widths)
    • Incorrectly constrained panels and/or frame
    Julie Kidder
    Architect + BIM Director
    Hartman + Majewski Design Group


      Thanks jmk,

      Breaking it down into steps like that was very helpful thanks.


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