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Need help with Polycurve by joined curves

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    Need help with Polycurve by joined curves


    Can someone please help me with my list. I am trying to create polycurve by joined curves. I know it is basic stuff but I could really use a push here. In the image below I red circled the problem. I would like to create polycurve from 3 joined curves but I don't know how to flatten my list in that way.

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    Hello Minsc,

    Use a Flatten Node and [email protected] on it. You'll either need @L2 or @L3 for your case.

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    Sol Amour

    Architectural Explorer, Digital warrior, Affectual adventurer and Curious Human Being
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      Thanks a lot amoursol for your reply. I have used a flatten node as u said. Its basic stuff, but sometimes brain does not cooperate and need a little push.

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