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    Hello, this is my first time posting and i would appreciate any insight you might have. Some of the keynotes in our project were placed on the sheet as opposed to in the views. In AutoCAD, there is a command (CHSPACE) which would allow you to easily move these annotations from paper space to model space. Is there a similar command/function in Revit? If not, any ideas on how to most easily change these notes to the views?


    There is no equivalent command in OOTB Revit. In short, the easiest way to accomplish what you want is to delete the notes, re-create them in the appropriate view, and then have a staff meeting to explain that there is no way to automatically change notes between sheets and views and everyone should be annotating only in the views (or whatever your company standard is).

    There's also an answer that involves Dynamo and/or the API, but unless you are already intimately familiar with either, it will not be the easiest. Good luck.
    Chris Ellersick


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