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Dimensions Deleting when Syncing Project

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    Dimensions Deleting when Syncing Project

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a multi story apartment building we are designing in Revit 2017, and we keep having an issue when a person syncs the model to central it will come up with an error that says "One or more References have become invalid" (I have attached a copy of one of these errors) and we have to delete the dimension lines in order to save. This is forcing us to repeat work and is extremely frustrating!

    Here is some more info on the project that might help:
    • There are between 2 and 6 people working in the model at any given time
    • The errors are only happening in our interior elevation sheets
    • The errors are never in the same place twice
    • All of our different apartment units are saved as separate Revit models and are linking them into a main model (main model is where the errors are occurring)

    If anyone has a solution or advice on how to solve this please help!
    Thank you!!
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    Try reading this post:

    Revit OpEd: Tags Dimensions and Linked Files

    from Steve Stafford. I find linking of units problematic. Great for a lightweight main model but horrible for documenting. Groups require a bit more management but work better for tagging and dimensioning.
    Canberra, Australia


      I agree linking has been a hassle but we tried groups on a previous project and the size and speed of the model became unbearable way to fast, so we decided to try linking, hoping it would be better. Thanks for the info, I'll try out the advice in that article and see if that gets me anywhere!


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