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2017.2 - Printing Issues

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    2017.2 - Printing Issues

    Installed 2017.2 update this morning and for some reason Revit is now significantly reducing the size of the text when printing. Anyone else installed and have this issue or any other issues?
    I've checked the file on a computer that hasn't been updated and it works perfectly.
    Thanks in advance.

    Just made a test and no issue on my side


      Are you talking about a difference between 2017.1 and 2017.2? Or between 2016 and 2017?
      Because Text in general was overhauled in the first release of 2017.
      Dave Plumb
      BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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        Appears to be a difference between 2017.1 and 2017.2

        I have attached a couple of screenshots to try to help explain more.

        First one shows text with a wall surrounding - how it should appear when printed and how it appears when printed int 2017.1

        Second image is the print preview screen from 2017.2 - this is how it appears when printed from 2017.2 to either PDF or directly to a printer. It gets significantly smaller and shifts to top left.
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          Hi keckers--

          Would you be so kind as to send me this small R2017.1 test file and a copy of your Revit journal when doing something on the computer from which you're doing a print review?

          Are you using any Wndows custom display settings for your (probably high-resolution) monitor?


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            Hi kekers et al--

            So, I think I have an idea about what's happening here. I hope you can check it out.

            Windows gives you the ability to change the size of text and other things on your monitors (e.g. 100%, 125%, 150%, etc up to around 350+%). When you do this in Windows 7, the operating system requires you user to sign out and sign back in before the change takes effect.

            In Windows 10, the user is NOT required to sign out, but Microsoft recommends it and gives them this warning in bold red text: "Some apps won't respond to scaling changes until you sign out."

            If you change this custom scale factor in Win 10 without signing out and signing back in, apparently the change can have an undesired affect on printed text. It doesn't matter if the Revit session is opened before or after the magnification change.

            Is it possible that you changed the screen magnification on your monitor sometime prior to seeing the bad behavior? Can you try signing out then signing back in and then trying the R2017.2 Print Preview test again? I believe it will behave correctly, but if it doesn't please send your journal from the session.

            Thanks very much,



              Hi Trey,

              I think i may have discovered the issue - it's related to using laptops with 4K screens.

              The other night i uninstalled Revit and did a clean install, including the 2017.2 update to try again - everything was working perfectly. Then i remembered something we did to make Revit (and a number of other programs usable) on new laptops with 4K screens.

              Prior to the release of 2017.1 we had to use modified manifest files on some computers so Revit would look correct and basically be usable on our 4K laptops. Without the modified manifest file, no matter how much we played around with the custom scale settings, the icons/text/buttons etc were incredibly small (basically unusable) and things like the quick access toolbar wouldn't appear at all.

              So, the clean install replaced the modified manifest file and now everything works perfect. Also simply replacing the modified manifest file with the one from the clean install fixes the other computers too. So really there was no need for the full clean install.

              Thanks for your suggestions and help.



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