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How to: Dropdown menu in Family with predefined options?

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    How to: Dropdown menu in Family with predefined options?

    (First post!)
    I am wondering if it's possible to create a Family (with a Parametric Modeltext),
    where the user can select Text from a dropdown box with predefined options.

    We are talking about a looooong list of textoptions, with predefined texts,
    and I want to save the familyusers the time to manually look up and write the textparameter each time.

    Examples are very welcome!! In Revit15/16 would be great!

    Well, of course you can, and there will be several ways of doing it... But before I jump into it, can you describe in details what is this for? How many text-options are you talking about (maybe, finding the option in a long dropdown might take longer than actually just typing it).


      The Family is a shelf, and the Modeltext in it will point out what kind of products goes into the shelf.
      I have a list with around 600-800 predefined products. And like to have them integrated somehow.
      Thanks so much for the fast reply!


        600 to 800 'text options' in a drop-down menu??????:crazy: Are you sure you are going to use all of the 600-800 text options frequently?

        It will probably take MUCH longer trying to find them in the drop-down than just typing it, more even so if it's just a short description. And it will take a lot of time to just make one family variation to each option.

        I am not sure what will be the best way of accomplish this.


          Predefined options are typically accomplished through the use of Type Catalogs. Drop-downs are typically accomplished by assigning a Family Type parameter to (a set of) nested families. Based on your description, I would start looking at Type Catalogs and see if that will be sufficient.
          Chris Ellersick


            I don't think Type Catalogs would be useful, as they would only 'trigger' when you import the Family into your Project.
            Anyway, at point of importing you basically chose and create a unique new familytype with pre-filled in parameters.
            There will be no dropdown box to change paremetertext (pointing out what product goes into the shelf) into another predefined text.
            (Type Catalogs work like these standard IPE and HEA that can be imported. You could load them all, but I am definately NOT looking for creating 600 different familyTYPES. THAT would be crazy indeed!) I'm looking to get a parameter that is linked to a list of options the user can select from. The Parameter is just a text.

            I know that when you have family in your project copied a few times, and fill out a family textparameter, it will remember and check previously used textparameters used in one of the copies of your family. for example: if you have 4x copies of a door, and fill out a textparameter of the door 'door 1', 'door 2' and 'door 3', then door number 4 will show you options 'door 1', 'door 2' and 'door 3', after typing 'door' (without the number).
            I was thinking something like that would be great. but obviously I can not load 600 copies in my project and fill them out already (and hide them?). Ow god that sounds like a terrible sollution lol.

            So what about Lookup Tables? Would you recomment that? I prefer a simpler solution that doesnt link to external data.

            I hope there are other solutions! Cheers.


              I don't know really... I have used drop-downs before for 'suitability status' (complying with BS1192 Standards) in my title blocks, and think they are way better than visibility parameters for text, which can be error prone as you may forget to un-check one text and will have overlapping texts.

              Perhaps, if you can separate the content that will be on those shelves by groups of related elements (could be size, type, colours, who knows?), then you can create sub-families where you can tag its content. That way, you would not have to handle 600 parameters of one family, but a bunch of them on every family (which will have a number of variations). If you don't find the content you want in one family, change it to another one that would... I hope this makes sense.
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                Sure it would likely be making sense to break the 600+ options into subcategories or subfamilies.
                However I have no idea how to make a dropdownbox to start with. So let's start there first, and think about the quantity of content later.

                Can you share (files) how you made these dropdowns for your 'suitability status' in your title blocks? Many thanks!


                  Here you will find a little test file with one family. I can't upload my titleblocks due to the company's protocol, and also because it will be fairly large, but this annotation family loaded would give you an idea.
                  You drag it from the Family browser at the bottom (text holder) into your view, and when you edit, you will find the option under "Other" and on the right there is a drop-down with two text-options (for now). Each option is a nested generic annotation family. You will have to make one of those seed families for every text option, and load it back into the host that will contain a group of text options to display.

                  Hope this helps.
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                    Originally posted by RevitJazz View Post
                    The Family is a shelf, and the Modeltext in it will point out what kind of products goes into the shelf.
                    I have a list with around 600-800 predefined products. And like to have them integrated somehow.
                    Thanks so much for the fast reply!
                    Are you able to provide an example of what you need to show for the product code in the parameter, or for the lists you want to create? I'm failing to understand what your end goal is.
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