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Navisworks - Autocreating search sets and "cross products"?

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    Navisworks - Autocreating search sets and "cross products"?

    Hi Guys

    I'm trying to optimize my workflow when working with Navisworks and search sets, I'm currently using BIMCAVE's Auto Search Sets -

    It a nice add-in and I use it alot, but I would really like it to have the option to create sets based on the crossproduct of two different properties.

    I have an MEP system across a large area with building sections and stories. It is easy to create search sets for each of the stories and each of the sections, so now I have stories 1-5 and section 1-5, and now I want "Story 1 (section 2)" and so on, without having to create all 25 by hand.

    Does anyone know how to get around this?


    Hi Kim,

    You can try combining searches to speed up your process.
    1. Open your Find Items and Sets palettes.
    2. Select the section search set you want and <ctrl>-click the level search set you want. The Find Items palette should be populated with both searches.
    3. Click Find All and see if it is selection the items you require.
    4. Save search

    I hope this helps.
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