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    Newbie In MEP

    I am Sajib from Bangladesh.
    I'm BIM modeler.I have 1year+ experience on BIM and Family Creation.Now I want to learn about MEP.So,How & Where can I start for my MEP learning?
    Please suggest your best

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    BIM is pretty broad....instead, what discipline do you have experience in? As BIM is all disciplines, even those not using Revit. So you saying you are a BIM Modeler you span all disciplines and know everything!
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      I'm Revit BIM modeler.I know BIM is pretty broad and I just beginner


        You sound pretty pumped about learning MEP from some of the best. Although it seems the site cannot be accessed atm, you might want to check into booking your ticket to Singapore to attend the BILT Asia 2017 conference.
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          It is important to classify and separate BIM from Revit.
          Revit is software that is capable of BIM Interoperability, but it is not "BIM Modeling" in the sense that if you create a revit native object there are some parameters that are "BIM". Take a revit wall for example, things such as structural material and its physical properties, and extrusion values such as length, height, width, volume, estimated volume of reo and things like this are pre-programmed into the elements. Structure is much more "basic" than architecture or MEP. When we deal with raw structure, the things that interest us in most cases are built in to our native 3D objects. But if you are talking about MEP, Lets say I want to model a pump, I need to input its power needs and usage, the flow rates, manufacturer and if I am modeling for LOD 400 I need also to know installation dates, how often it should be serviced, and some kind of identifier that can be accessed on site by technicians maintaining and repairing the item.

          BIM is a process, not a software. It can be basic volumes and materials, or it can down to minutia like bar coding each individual element to be delivered on site and associating that identifier to objects in the model.

          "BIM" can mean anything from sharing your analytical model from an engineer analysis package to multi-disciplinary 3D model coordination, to 4D and 5D phasing.

          MPWuzhere is right in that it is a very broad subject, it is also not just about modeling it is at higher levels about the workflow and the processes not just the creation of 3D objects rich in data but also the collation and diffusion of that information to all of the project members.

          Revit is BIM capable, but it is not BIM.

          Ok that all said, MEP is 3 disciplines, so you are talking about Mechanical (ventilation, sprinkler systems and pumps etc) Electrical (self explanatory) and Plumbing (waste water evacuation such as rain water management, downpipes and gutters, bathroom drainage, kitchen drainage etc everything plumbing really including the actual drains, pipes and reservoirs)

          I mean we are talking about very specialized fields of engineering that each branch off but are entirely different. You have essentially hydraulic specialties electric specialties and Im not even sure what mechanical falls under. To be effective in all of these including structure and or architecture is not only unusual but would require 20 years or more of experience in engineering offices or you would have to be a genius with a photographic memory to memorise all of the standards, formulas and requirements from each discipline.

          I personally am capable of modeling MEP and Structure. But when I say capable Structure is my specialty, but if I model for the MEP team, I need a ton of guidance whereas with structure I can model a building and solve problems and propose the solutions to the engineers for validation. MEP I can model a 3D object but I need to be told what kind of "BIM" information to put into the model. At the end of the day its data entry, but you need to know what data to enter to be effective.
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            Learn many many thing from you....
            Thanks a lot


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