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Dynamo & Python changes?

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    Dynamo & Python changes?

    Previously the Dynamo installer would include a version of IronPython in the install, and I think the Dynamo web site also provided links directly to the current Python installer. But those links are no longer on the Dynamo web site, and so far as I can tell Python is not installed by Dynamo at all, I think going back to Dynamo 1.0.
    Can anyone verify, is this a change and IronPython is no longer needed at all?
    Or perhaps it's only needed in certain situations, and now has to be installed separately?

    I can't find anything at the Dynamo web site specifically saying it's no longer needed, but the fact that it seems not to be included in the installer any more seems odd.

    Pragmatic Praxis

    All I can help with is that I've just installed the latest (downloadable) build in our office and didn't need to fetch anything else (to let me play with some Python in code blocks).

    But then:
    a. The IronPython to which you refer might be a different breed of Serpentes than the boggo "inbuilt-Dynamo-Python"?
    b. We may have an IronPython install for some other reason from previous installs.


      So, what I have found is this.
      If you use the standalone installers from the Dynamo web site, you get IronPython 2.7.3.
      However, if you are on subscription, and maintaining your Dynamo using the post 2017.1 updates, then you don't get IronPython in the installer. For most people this might not be an issue, because Revit 2017 deployments include IronPython 2.7.3 along with (outdated on ship!!!) Dynamo 0.9.1. So, you are only screwed if you removed that old **** from your deployment. I swear Autodesk is about the same with Dynamo installs as Trump is with cabinet picks. 50 different ways to **** it up, and not a right answer in sight.
      Pragmatic Praxis


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