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Audit vs unresolved pointer references

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    Audit vs unresolved pointer references

    When working in C4R, we occasionally get the "Unable to open because of unresolved pointer references. Please contact Autodesk support." error message. When we see this, Revit will crash, but we have always been able to run an audit on the project and open it up just fine.
    My question is whether auditing a project when other users have it open can actually cause problems (either on C4R or otherwise). It would seem to me that there is not really a "bad" time to audit, but I wanted to check.

    Any worksharing team member can run an audit when creating a new local file, the main thing is that they SYNC back to Central immediately after the audit is complete, and notify other team members to then do a 'Reload Latest', so they get the benefit of the audit fixes in their own local files.