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Hidden lines by discipline

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    Hidden lines by discipline

    I have a structural column and have modeled the corbel to the column as a structural connection.

    When show hidden lines is set by discipline the column on plan has hidden lines however the corbel there is is no hidden lines.

    To show the corbel in hidden lines I can either change the show hidden lines to all or use the show hidden lines command.

    Another work around is to use a beam instead of structural connection this will display the hidden lines.

    Is there a way to control the hidden lines for the corbel (structural connection) so that hidden lines display by discipline?
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    You can override graphics by element, but....

    I would rethink the category you are placing it in first. If it's a concrete corbel it's most likely a part of the column and should be a part of the column family you are using. If it's a steel corbel, similar logic can be applied since it's probably part of the same assembly.

    A picture of what you are trying to do could be helpful...
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